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How to Maintain The LED Screen?

Since LED displays such as Portable LED Sign are generally used outdoors, their service life can be greatly shortened without good maintenance. The problem of using the large-screen LED full-color display on the one hand is caused by the user's inappropriate usage habits. Here are a few ways to maintain the large screen of the LED full color display:

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(1) Avoid physical or chemical damage

Try to avoid physical or chemical damage to the display as much as possible, and try to keep items that may harm the full-color display away from the screen.

(2) Make sure the display is at the right temperature and humidity

Make sure that the full-color LED display is in the right temperature and humidity. Do not leave the full-color LED display such as Variable Message Signs( VMS) in a humid environment. Powering up the large screen of a full-color display with excessive humidity may cause corrosion of the full-color display components and cause permanent damage.

(3) The power supply must be stable

The display power supply must be stable and well grounded. Try to avoid using the display in harsh natural conditions, especially during strong lightning.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to enter the water, iron powder and other easily conductive substances in the screen body.

It is strictly forbidden to enter the water, iron powder and other materials that are easy to conduct. If water enters for various reasons, please immediately turn off the power and contact the maintenance personnel until the display panel in the screen is dry before use.

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